Sherlene Roker is an educator, life coach content as well as educational resource creator and author.

After two divorces and feeling stuck due to a bruised self-image and financial challenges, I wondered for a period of time if my life was over. Was this it? So do I just go on living a mediocre life feeling like I could not be successful at anything? Then after reading several motivational and self-help books I discovered how to finally build the courage to get out of my slum and achieve my dreams. Since then, I have completed my Master’s Degree and gone on to direct a literacy center and experience success in my online business adventures and much, much more. Now as it is my desire to reach out to others who think they have missed the opportunity to be their best selves after enduring life’s various hardships I have created this blog designed to help you to find inspiration, motivation, encouragement, as well as provide you with practical steps on how to experience a comeback after life’s many setbacks.   Subscribe to my blog so that you can learn the steps to take to reach the next level in your life and finally become the successful person you’ve always envisioned yourself to be.