Sherlene Roker is an educator, life coach content as well as educational resource creator and author.

In our lifetime, we often suffer many hardships that causes us to wonder if our lives are over. Sometimes we can recover from them quickly while, other times we are knocked down so badly that it seems almost impossible to get back up again. Maybe you ask yourself, do I just go on living a mediocre life feeling like I could not be successful at anything? Through my story of remarkable comeback, my goal is to help readers and listeners find inspiration, motivation, encouragement, as well as provide you with practical steps on how to experience a comeback after life’s many setbacks, How to find clarity and direction when you are at the crossroads in life and how to determine your next move as well as to help you see the possibility of being whole again after all that you have gone through. Subscribe to my blog “Meaningful Life Coaching” to join with thousands of viewers to find out how to reach the next level in your life and finally become the successful person you’ve always envisioned yourself to be.