10 Tiny Improvements You Can Make to Yourself Right Now

We all want to be better. We all want to be the best versions of ourselves. Problem is that getting to this point can be difficult when you have so little time and energy left in a typical day.

Attempting to start a huge new workout regime, or set up a home business will often just be met with resistance, failure, and disappointment. These are huge changes that you hope to enact, and very often we don’t have the energy or time to make them happen.

So instead, why not apply kaizen in your daily life. Kaizen is the Japanese concept of incremental improvement. It means making small daily changes that add up over time to represent huge differences in your life. The concept comes from manufacturing, where making a small improvement can result in gigantic changes that can hugely impact on profits in a good way.

So, start very small and then let those little changes add up to a better you? Here are ten tiny improvements you can make to yourself right now.

1 Make Your Bed in the Morning

This is a great way to “train” your willpower, not to mention improve the bed you come home to that evening. You’ll even sleep better!

2 Wake Up Ten Minutes Earlier

What could you do with ten more minutes in your day? Just move your clock ten minutes earlier, you’ll hardly notice the difference.

3 Take Omega 3 Fatty Acid

This boosts brain function, energy, immunity, and more. It also helps to fight inflammation, and most of us don’t get enough of it.

4 Sit Outside

For at least five minutes a day. You’ll sleep better, boost vitamin D, get more fresh air, and even improve your temperature regulation and immune system. Try doing something you already do but move it outside – like exercise.

5 Meditate for Five Minutes

Meditation has HUGE and profound benefits. It’s also something that can be hard to stick with. So start with just five minutes a day, that’s actually enough to see improvements in mood, focus, and more.

6 Drink More Water

You’ll look slimmer, look better, and feel more energetic. Most of us are permanently dehydrated.

7 Get New Shoes

Or a watch. Or a suit. In short – make one small change to improve the way you look. You’ll feel better and people will treat you differently.

8 Breathe With Your Mouth Closed

If you don’t already, make this a commitment. You’ll find it actually improves your looks and it helps to better filter and improve the oxygen coming in.

9 Do 20 Press Ups Every Day

This will boost energy levels, tone your abs, increase your pushing strength, and serve as the basis for a larger training program.

10 Floss

A small thing that not only makes your teeth whiter but has been shown to reduce risk of cancer and more!


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