Celebrate Small Wins to Accelerate Your Growth

So, you are on your way to doing great things one small step at a time!

In my first blog post published February 4th, 2022, step 6 to help you start living a legendary life is to Celebrate small achievements. To recap that step, readers were encouraged to celebrate your success, even in small ways, at each level of achievement.   The purpose of this is to motivate you to go on to the next level.

Read blog here.

So, in this week’s blog, I would like to celebrate what I consider the first level of achievement for my blog. Therefore, I would like to say thank you to my readers for over 600 views, over 500 visitors, over 160 likes, over 30 followers, 25 comments, and inspiring me to write 25 blogs posts since starting my blog February 2022. You are all very awesome and appreciated and I hope that in some way you are receiving some degree of value from what I have been sharing with you on a weekly basis since my blog began.

Also, one tip for staying focused and maximizing goal achievement provided in several of my blogs is to ‘write things down’. This not just helps with time management but also ensure you remain focused and motivated as you work towards self-improvement and goal achievement.

Therefore, as you contemplate steps to be taken to experience better life outcomes and be your best self, I have created The Meaningful Life Coaching Signature Journal to provide a medium for you to express your thoughts and ideas as you use the strategies gained from the Meaningful Life Coaching blog to help maximize your success. This Journal has dual purpose as it also doubles as a book of Inspiration, Motivation, & Determination Quotes as well.  The journals are available for a reasonable price on Amazon and can be purchased in floral, butterfly or businessman.

Grab the journal here.

Again, to all my followers, visitors, and viewers of Meaningful Life Coaching Blog, thank you for taking the time to read, comment, like and share my blog posts and I look forward to developing a more meaningful, lasting relationship with you in the future. Also, feel free to share in the comments any other topics, not yet posted, that you would like more insight about.

Until my next post, take care of yourselves and all the best with your achievements.


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