Why You Must Increase Discipline and Focus to Achieve Success

Photographs are clearer when they are in focus. When they are out of focus, they are blurry, and indistinct. The quality of the reality pictures that show up in your life are also largely due to proper focus. In the first place, the idea must be clearly held in mind. The result you desire to out-picture or manifest in your life must first be clearly and distinctly created in your imagination. It must be ‘in focus’; that is, the components must be defined, clearly seen, envisioned.

In the second place, as you go about the ‘doing’ necessary to effectuate the picture, you must remain focused on your goal and not allow yourself to get distracted by what is going on around you. Simple really, but it always amazes me how unfocused people can become when burdened with the cares of this life.

Often when someone is asked to describe their heart’s desire, 90% of the time, you cannot get a clear description from them. It is blurry and indistinct. Generalities but no specifics. Or a description of the picture by what’s not in it. For example:

“I want health, wealth and happiness”

“So what does health mean to you?”

“Well, you know, to not be sick.”

“So what does wealth mean to you?”

“Well, you know, to not be lacking.”

“So what does happiness mean to you?”

“To not be sad, dissatisfied.”

“I want peace.”

“What’s that?”

“Well, you know no more war.”

Not this, not that; defining the picture, the ideal by what is not in it, instead of what is in it. The trouble with focusing on ‘no more war’ is that you are still focusing on war. The trouble with focusing on not being unwell is that you are still focusing on un-wellness, not wellness. The focus is on lack and limitation and not on abundance and potentiality.

Most people seem to know what they do NOT want. Focus your attention and intentions on those ideals that you want, desire, long for, lust after. Make that focus clear and distinct.

Discipline and focus are traits that are in very short supply in modern society. This is because there are so many alternative data streams, it is easy to lose focus and concentrate on what really needs to get done. But there are still proven ways to increase focus and discipline over time which are very effective.

#1 – Meditation

Meditation has been proven to increase concentration and focus over time, according to a large number of studies. It also has a wide number of associated medical benefits, such as an alleviation of depression and the lowering of blood pressure. It is one of the most direct ways to increase focus and discipline. Meditation is a life long practice and not a quick fix, which is a stark contrast to many of the current shorts cuts that we can observe today. There are other direct forms of meditation which emphasize focusing on an object for long periods of time. In Tibetan spiritual systems, the practitioners were given yantras or symbols to concentrate on.

#2 – Rest and Relaxation

Everybody knows that rest and relaxation are essential. It is also proven that willpower is a fixed resource that is at its highest point in the morning and lowest point in the evening. But many people really fail to optimize their rest, which is also a way to optimize their discipline and focus. An example of this would be focusing on a good nights sleep – this could entail maintaining a clean room free of technology and clutter, diffusing some essential oil in the bedroom, and eating some sleep-inducing food a few hours before bed. It is also good to restore willpower during the day at frequent intervals and to learn to completely switch off from work at the weekends.

#3 – Diet and Exercise

Diet and exercise are integral to how much focus and willpower that we have. When people eat a healthy and balanced diet with appropriate exercise, they will have more focus and willpower with regard to what they want to achieve. The biggest challenge in this regard is caffeine. It helps to get the work completed but is a bad move in the long-run which leads to a lesser quality of life. If you must have a coffee, then make sure it is high quality with little sugar and taken in the morning as opposed to the evening. Otherwise, it will disrupt sleep.

You get the picture you have focused on. “Prosperity is the abundance of all things held ideal in mind and dear in heart.” How clear and exact are your ideals? How much desire, longing, passion is attached to them? How focused is the image in your mind? How focused is your desire to have that ideal be out pictured in your life?

Perhaps, you are in medical school, totally focused on becoming a doctor. Then this great guy shows up, beds you and before you know it, you are at home practicing motherhood instead of medicine and taking your child to the pediatrician you could have been had you not allowed yourself to be distracted, to lose focus. Or perhaps, you are busy going about the business of creating a business and some seemingly major obstacle presents itself, so you change your mind, change your plan, change your focus to the next great business idea and the next one after that. Life is full of distractions making it easy to lose focus. Winners stay focused. Sometimes they are so focused that you cannot even get their attention. 

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