Do This Self-Reflection Technique Now to Create the Best Year of Your Life in 2023


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Are you still waiting for your life to begin? Are you still saying, I will do this when….?

Are you waiting for a spouse to come along, waiting on the motivation to get your home organized, waiting on a great job to fall into your lap, waiting on winning the lottery to plan your retirement? 

Stop waiting on your life!  The only difference between you and the people who are getting what they want, is that they kept moving and you didn’t.  Here are some ideas to help get you started again.

1.           Focus on the who, not the what

If you find that you’ve been stuck in a goal for a while, try restarting it in “who am I” terms instead of “what I want” terms.  For example, instead of saying “I want to lose 30 lbs.”, say “I am someone who takes care of herself by keeping my weight around XXX which is a healthy range for my height and age.”  Be as specific as possible.  Notice that “I want to be someone who helps others” could mean anything from a clerk in the grocery store to a heart surgeon.  Focus on who you want to be.  Then ask yourself what actions would fit with your desire “to be” instead of “get”. 

2.           Analyze it

Did you know that a full 80% of your problems come from 20% of your life?  It’s true!  Determine what that 20% is that’s affecting so much of your life, and start working to make it happier, more efficient, more satisfying.

3.           Assign Value

A big mistake I see in many who are unsatisfied with where they are in life, is not assigning a true value to their time, to their energy, to their money, and to the “real estate” (space) of their home or office.  Realize that for each thing you say yes to- a pair of shoes or watching a movie- you have said no to something else.  Always ask yourself – is this valuable enough to me to crowd my life with, or even to bump something else from my closet, my schedule, my money? 

Well 2022 has swiftly passed us by and is about to close in the next 83 days from today (October 9, 2022).

At the end of each year, and on their birthdays, many people take time to reflect and look ahead. If you’re one of these people, or if you would like to start getting the benefits from a little self-reflection, I have some great questions for you.

These questions can be looked at once a year, once a month or whenever you’re looking for some direction in your life. I invite you to take a good hard look at your life more than once a year. You’ll get a lot more out of your life if you’re more conscious about what you’re creating.

These questions have been designed to help you to take time to complete the year and to formulate the new year from a clean slate. By working on the following questions, you will complete this year powerfully so you can have the room to build a new “me” for the upcoming year.

Looking at this past year:

1. What do I want to be acknowledged for?

2. What did I accomplish?

3. What did I want to accomplish that I did not accomplish? (Do I still want to do this?)

4. What did I say I would do that I didn’t do? (Do I still want to do this?)

5. Who do I need to be in communication with?

6. What were my biggest disappointments?

7. What did I learn? – List 3 lessons which will make the most difference if you remember them this year? (See them as guidelines for next year).

Changing patterns:

1. How do you limit yourself and how can you transform these actions to be powerful?

2. What do you say to yourself to explain your failures? (These false beliefs are your limiting paradigm).

3. List your limiting paradigm.

4. List your new paradigm which must be personal, positive, present tense, powerfully and simply stated, pointing to an exciting future.

5. Read your new paradigm out loud when you awake each morning and before going to sleep each night. Teach your subconscious that this is your paradigm.

Looking ahead:

1. What are your personal values? What is most important to you in your life? What drives you?

2. What roles do you play in your life? Rate each role on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the most important.

3. Where is your life out of balance? If you could put one problem behind you, once and for all, what would it be?

4. Which role is your major focus for next year? (In what role do you want a breakthrough performance? If you could put a check mark by one of these roles at the end of next year, showing that you felt good about how you are playing that role, which one would it be?)

5. What are your goals for each role?

The way that this works is that for at least a week or two you ask yourself the above questions. I suggest that you write them down and do it in writing several different times. Then after doing that for all of the above questions, you answer one final question:

What do I want to accomplish and who do I want to be in the coming year?

Stop putting your life on hold while waiting to live a better life. I encourage you to use this Self-Reflection Technique Now to Create the Best Year of Your Life in 2023 and beyond.

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