Read These 4 Books NOW For the Ultimate Motivation

For most of us, life has a set pattern. We are born, we hit various developmental stages, we go to school, then college, and maybe graduate school, then we settle down and have the big wedding, have beautiful babies, then guide them through the same processes of life, then retire, and eventually expire. Well, as for me, I spent a large portion of my life feeling like I can relate to the quote by Tyler Perry (2013), I’m living my life in reverse. Why? You might ask. Well, simply because I spent a lot of time due to derailment from the pattern mentioned above, wondering why this thing happened or that thing happened and whether something would have been different if I had done this thing or that instead of something else. I had become discouraged and uncertain about the direction I was headed in my life. This moment came on Friday Night, August 14th, 2010.  I was reminiscing over the first 40 years of my life. The countdown was on for me to reach my 41st birthday. I had a few days to go.

 I found myself wondering how it was that I spent 40 years in that wilderness of what was my life at the time. What had happened? What had gone wrong? What had I done to deserve those experiences? Was I cursed?  I wondered if I was experiencing the female version of a mid-life crisis. I tried to follow the rules. I thought I was doing everything right. How could so many things go so wrong in the life of a person who desired so much only to be faithful to the faith she had known and to remain on the right path?  

During the period between 2005 and 2010, I had become a loner. I never thought I would be the victim of a divorce but now I found myself the survivor of two.  This realization forced me to take a step back and look at my life. What was happening here? What went wrong? Things just seemed to be spiraling out of control and I was powerless and hadn’t a clue how to correct the situation.  During a powerful moment of reflection in my life, I was able to regain focus at a time when my vision had become foggy.

I remembered what I read in a book I had received from a friend in December of 2008. From the book, Awakening the Giant Within (Robbins, 1991), I remember learning that I had some say in the direction I wanted my life to go and the state of mind I desired to have. I can choose the states that I am committed to experiencing on a daily basis so that I can better build my character and form the identity I wanted. It was then that I made up my mind I am not continuing my life in the state I was in. I will not start another year of my life, unaccomplished and dissatisfied. I will make a change! I will make a difference. I resolved then and there that I was created to make a difference and I will do as I was created to do.

Therefore, in January of 2011, I began to expand on the business idea I had started from January 2010, which was to establish Higher Learning Center for Continuing Education, a one-on-one tutoring program with the purpose of helping the children of our nation to maximize their learning potential.  In January of 2012, I started my journey toward a Master of Science degree in education from Walden University, a degree with which I graduated on August 3, 2019.

To date I have served in the teaching profession in my country for over twenty- six years in both the private and now the public sector and presently, I am a creator and distributor of life coaching content and educational resources as well as inspirational, self-help eBooks loaded with tips and guidelines to help individuals navigate life’s hardships, become unstuck and achieve their goals so they can live their best life. 

Grab your free copy of one of my inspirational ebooks here.

I would also like to introduce to you 3 other books I have been fortunate to read that  helped me to  find inspiration that keeps me going. It is okay every now and then to be unproductive, but if you have reached a point of wanting more action this is for you.

Check out what these best-selling authors say about getting by in life, and using your assets to the fullest while you can.

1.         Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff and It’s All Small Stuff by Richard Carlson: Life is dynamic; however, too much of its busyness may sometimes leave you overwhelmed by the stresses, the hustles and bustles that go along with it. Dr. Carlson, American psychotherapist and renowned “happiness-specialist”, tells you to pause for a while and take a few deep breaths. He reminds you to leave behind the trivial things and the small stuff that cause you anxieties. His book offers 100 meditations that will make you live a happier and stress-free life.

2.         The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey: Believing that essential changes in life must be embraced effectively, American educator and speaker Covey in his book, advises that in order to do this, you must also change your perceptions. He delineates 7 habits that will make you come to terms with your inner self, on top of getting along well with others as you enjoy inward and outward success. These 7 tips which he expounds on in his best-selling book, are to be proactive; begin with the end in mind; put first things first, think win-win; seek first to understand, then to be understood; synergize; and sharpen the saw.

3.         The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Peale: Considered as one of the originators of positive thinking, Peale discloses through his book some tips that would make your life more satisfying. He gives practical guidelines that would make you put your ideas and inspiration into concrete actions. He says that the key to happiness is something anybody can do: “Keep your heart free from hate, your mind from worry. Live simply, expect little, give much. Scatter sunshine, forget self, think of others.”

These are but a few of the widely known highly motivating self-help books you can browse through when you feel like drawing inspiration from within yourself seems not enough. Go read a few, be motivated, and perhaps next time, your book about life will be the one being read by people who once felt like you do now.


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